Writing a presentation handout examples

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website maintained by LOCAL WEBMASTER CONTACT PERSON and Brad Sietz. Through a classroom game and resource handouts, students learn about the techniques used in persuasive oral arguments and apply them to independent persuasive writing activities.

1/22/ 2 Logistics and Housekeeping Your line should be automatically muted by our system. Please do not use HOLD! Have your handout ready –you’ll want to refer to it. Handouts, notes and visual aids. Very often a presentation can be improved with visual aids, handouts and other media.

If used effectively they can help to capture and maintain the audience's attention.

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The Online Writing Lab (OWL) at Purdue University houses writing resources and instructional material, and we provide these as a free service of the Writing Lab at Purdue. Handout design inspired by Ed­ward Tufte Edward Tufte is a pioneer in the field of data visualization, and his works inspired the creation of two LaTeX classes for books and handouts.

Here we present the excellent sample handout produced by the The Tufte-LaTeX Developers pre-loaded into Overleaf (formerly writeLaTeX) for you to use.

Writing a presentation handout examples
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